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We all want the same thing – to enjoy life on Loon and Turtle Lakes.
For some this involves quiet and relaxation. For others, fun and frolic. In consideration of the environment, your neighbours, your safety and to maintain a positive collective experience, please respect the following:


  • Please avoid noisy activities in the early morning before 9:00 AM and in the evening after 10:00 PM.
  • This includes using lawn mowers, power tools, construction equipment, playing loud music and partying.
  • The sound from audio devices being played and that of loud voices carry across the lake. Be considerate
  • of others who prefer to relax with the sounds of nature.
  • Allowing dogs to bark excessively can be an irritant to many. Please manage your pets.
  • The islands are privately owned or crown land and are not here for loud parties.
  • The sound of children playing is not noise and is welcomed.
  • Please respect your neighbour’s boundaries.



  • Wash people, pets and laundry in the cottage.
  • Use biodegradable detergents wherever possible.
  • Inspect your septic system annually and pump it out regularly.
  • Consider water use wisely especially with washers and dishwashers.
  • Refrain from the use of fertilizers as they eventually end up in the lake.
  • Maintain natural brush at the shoreline to discourage geese.
  • No Grass, No Geese. Fewer geese means reduced e-coli in the water.


Daytime burning is not permitted by the
Town of Gravenhurst.
Get up to date Fire Danger Ratings from the Town or our website
When there is a fire ban, it includes fireworks.


  • Keep our roads and forests litterless.
  • Put garbage out on garbage day only to avoid both small and large animals, like bears!
  • Take large items to the dump.


  • Be considerate and use outdoor lights at night only as you need them.
  • Ensure outdoor lights are only as bright as necessary.
  • Consider fully shielded outdoor lights that point downward.



  • You must have a Pleasure Craft Operator Card to operate a motorized boat or personal watercraft and it must be accessible.
  • All required safety equipment must be in your boat or PWC and in good order. (Check the “Boat Notes” APP for detailed requirements).
  • Please watch your speed as excessive wakes are dangerous to smaller craft and swimmers, damage docks and erode the shoreline.
  • Reduce your wake by staying on plane – please, no ploughing through the water at a slow speed causing a big wake.
  • After passing between an island and the shore, please direct your boat to the middle of the lake thereby staying away from the shore and docks.
  • Please remember that canoes/kayaks/paddleboards have the right of way over motorized vessels.
  • Slow down to no wake to pass or give them a wide berth.
  • For safety sake, always have a spotter in the boat or on the PWC when towing skiers or tubes.
  • Remember to turn on your full running light system (red/green/white) from dusk onward.
  • Consider upgrading to a 4-stroke engine which is quieter and is more environment friendly.
  • Refuel your boat carefully to avoid spillage.
  • Be aware that Impaired boating is legally treated the same as impaired driving


  • Swim close to shore with a buddy.
  • When swimming away from shore or in open water, please make yourself visible to boaters and
  • PWC operators by having a boat escort and wear a bright coloured lifejacket or marker.